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I can tell you first hand, that I inspected both projects myself. Their workmanship and overall quality is nothing short of perfection, and their pricing is more than fair. If for some reason you find a discrepancy when comparing their estimate to others, you're not looking at apples to apples, ask questions.
Safety was first and foremost in my mind, as both roof's replaced were extremely steep and high. On day #1 of each project, it was aparant that safety was first and foremost in Jason and crew's minds also. With all the "right" equipment and methodolgy to use it correctly, I was confident that every effort was being utilized for a safe workplace.
I of course realize that this is a pretty glaring great review. Its meant to be. No, I'm neither a neighbor, friend, or relative, but as a partner in a mid-state industrial contracting firm myself, I have a deep appreciation for any contracting firm that provides a great value for a fair price, and does what they said they would do.
I picked Pearce Remodeling out of the Yellow Pages, but am writing this review for you so you need not take the same risk that I did, but got real lucky on. If at the end of this review you still are sceptical, contact Jason to get my direct contact information, or drive by the house or church to see for yourself.
Good luck with your project !






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